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The Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum

The Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum (YISF) is a collection of organisations working together to tackle Invasive Non-native Species throughout the Yorkshire region.

Latest Projects

4 May 2020

American Skunk Cabbage Project

In 2019 YWT began a Volunteer-led project to tackle invasive plant American Skunk Cabbage
18 August 2020

Doing More for the Derwent – INNS Control

The Yorkshire Derwent Catchment Partnership showcase there crucial work controlling INNS in the Derwent catchment
23 February 2020

EA Main River INNS programme

An overview of the Environment Agency's INNS Programme in Yorkshire
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INNS Mapper

Submit INNS records directly to our open access webtool INNS Mapper. You can submit one-off sightings or a more detailed survey. All the data submitted is available to be viewed on our interactive maps, helping you explore the distribution of INNS in your area and to support plans to tackle these species.

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#INNSfact - on the subject of japanese knotweed, did you know in it's native range JK is quite rare, & is a pioneer species of environments: one of the first species to colonise lava flows... explains why it's so good at exploiting disturbed environments, such as building sites!

#INNSfact - as we are in Japanese Knotweed treatment season, we thought we'd share some topical info... A thumbnail size fragment of JK stem or rhizome can grow into a whole new plant! Along waterways it can easily disperse: from high water events to human interference

Over the last few weeks the team have been busy out treating knotweed along the Colne and more widely across Calderdale - these pictures show the difference between sites where knotweed has been treated, and sites where it has been left!