4 May 2020

American Skunk Cabbage Project

In 2019 YWT began a Volunteer-led project to tackle invasive plant American Skunk Cabbage
18 August 2020

Doing More for the Derwent – INNS Control

The Yorkshire Derwent Catchment Partnership showcase there crucial work controlling INNS in the Derwent catchment
23 February 2020

EA Main River INNS programme

An overview of the Environment Agency's INNS Programme in Yorkshire
24 July 2020

RAPID LIFE Priority Species Workshops

In 2020 YISF delivered a number of workshops focussing on Priority Invasive Species. This formed part of the larger RAPID LIFE Project. Learn more about these species, why they matter and how to help to prevent there establishment
27 May 2020

The Yorkshire Floating Pennywort Forum

An introduction to the Yorkshire Floating Pennywort Forum and what it has achieved so far
26 May 2020

University of Leeds and Yorkshire Dales Biosecurity Project

How can biosecurity measures be introduced and embedded into a wide range of organisations? This project Illustrates how this has been acheived with a range of organisations working in Yorkshire